Albert Hughes

I was first introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2002 through a friend. I was instantly attracted to the effectiveness of the techniques that he would show me. In 2004 I decided to make jiu jitsu my primary focus. Since then I have been training full time and competing multiple times per year all over the US and internationally. I received my black belt from THE MAN Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu in February 2011.

I remain a student of the art and always will. These days I am focused on sharing my experience with my students and grooming a jiu jitsu army to represent our flag. I’m an easy guy to talk to. If you want to know more come train and ask.

Braden Masters

My name is Braden Masters. Learning and teaching Jiu-Jitsu are my ultimate passions in life. I began in 2006 when I was 17 and continued to fall deeper in love with the art as I progressed. I am an active competitor and I plan to teach and be involved with Jiu-Jitsu for the rest of my life.

Multiple time Naga champion
Multiple time NABJJF champion
Multiple time Fight to Win champion

Douglas Frey

My name is Douglas Frey. I began wrestling as a freshman in high school, in 1998. During college, in 2005, I started training in MMA. After a lengthy amateur career I turned pro which led me to 30 fights, multiple championship title fights, wins in 4 different weight-classes, several awards for Fight of the Year and nominees for Fighter of Year, as well as becoming a Bellator FC, Legacy, FC, and Shark Fights veteran. During this time I also fought professionally in Muay Thai and competed in dozens of BJJ tournaments, both in gi and no-gi.
In 2016, I gave up competing to focus solely on my career as an instructor. My goal now is to develop highly-skilled fighters and to solidify myself as a reputable MMA coach. Come train with me!

Mark Delarosa

My name is Mark Delarosa. I started jiu jitsu when I was 15 and I was hooked after the first class. I enjoy teaching kids and being a positive role model. Jiu Jiitsu has make a positive impact in my life and i would love for it to do the same for others! I am an active competitor and compete every chance I get.

14x Fight 2 win Champion
9x NAGA Champion
2x Grapplers Quest Champion
Europa No Gi Absolute Champion

Montana Stewart

My name is Montana Stewart I’m 22 years old. I started wrestling when I was 15 and placed at several national tournaments, becoming an all american. I’ve done jiu jitsu since I was 18 years old and won several tournaments, I am currently a purple belt.

I am also a professional mma fighter with 11 fights thus far. I’ve competed in mma on national television and I am currently competing in season 26 of the ultimate fighter.

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